It is very common these days to catch sight of a golf umbrella on a typical gold course. They are now considered a part and parcel of any game of golf and people take great efforts to being fitted out with the most eye catching and functional pieces as well.

Golf Umbrella

Ways to bring about customizations on a golf umbrella

–The outer cloth: The outer cloth or the outer fabric is the most visible part to an umbrella or a parasol. This then happens to be the area with the most coverage as well. It is possible to have the best striking messages and slogans emblazoned on this outer part of the umbrella. At the very least people could do up the outer covering of an umbrella with the most outrageous colours.

–The shaft: This is the most discrete part of any umbrella. It might surprise people to know of the different types of shafts that are available to a umbrella manufacturer. Ranging from the steel to the ones made of fiber, the shaft has come a long way since the very early days of the umbrella.

When a certain amount of saturation has occurred as far as customizations of the various more visible parts of an umbrella goes, it is only natural that more innovative surfaces and finishes are attempted. The new changes to the shaft can in number of instances produce a more resilient piece that can take a lot rougher handling than the older versions.

–The grip: Traditionally the pricier of umbrellas were done with a wooden grip and as the need to be innovative at the same time the need to reduce costs meant that people experimented with different types of material for his part too. The very exclusive umbrellas come done with an ivory grip that cannot be simply matched by any other material for sheer elegance. It is also the usual practice to have fine carving on the grips too.

–The closing mechanism: It is a good sign if a particular umbrella closes with a sharp click. This is a good sign that a good enough mechanism is in use. The cheaper and less reliable types and kinds of mechanisms take a lot more effort and do operate the umbrella inadvertently at times. This can be very disconcerting to say the least.

–Double canopy: This is like the double glazing feature that a good window has. The double canopy keeps the heat and cold from advancing from the top of the person using the umbrella or parasol. It is the better models that have this feature and is often a sign that the umbrella brand is exclusive.

Getting to choose The Best

The Golf Umbrella

As can be seen above, there is more to choosing a proper umbrella for golfing activity than meets the eye. It is the discerning player that takes the effort to go through every point that makes a good umbrella to be assured that they have only the best product.